Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake, California is located in the Inland Empire in southwest Riverside County.  It is just east of Lake Elsinore on the East side of Hwy 15 and South of Hwy 74.  Canyon Lake is a unique master-planned community that was developed in 1968 and then incorporated on December 1, 1990. 

The lake is a man-made reservoir that is also known as the Railroad Canyon Reservoir as it was created by the Railroad dam in the Railroad canyon. It is fed by the San Jacinto River that flows on to Lake Elsinore.

Canyon lake is popular for fishing, boating, and camping.  The weather is hot in the summer months of July and August with temperatures in the high nineties but can chill down in the winter to lows in the thirties.  The area also offers the Canyon Lake Golf Course and Country Club.

Canyon Lake has a population of approximately 11,000, a median age near 44 and a median household income of about $97K a year. The Canyon Lake Property Owners Association is responsible for maintenance and operation of common areas around the lake.

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Canyon Lake zip codes: 78133