The City of Loma Linda is a suburban community located in San Bernardino County. It sits just south of the 10 freeway between Colton and Redlands.  The city was incorporated in September of 1970.

The city is culturally diverse and has a history of being a health-conscious community. It hosts the world famous Loma Linda University and Medical Center which has been a center for health and wellness since the early 1900’s.  The Medical Center and the VA medical center are major employers in the area. 

Although the Loma Linda has only 24,184 population, it offers a more cosmopolitan feel than some of the more rural communities in the Inland Empire. The city offers beautiful views of the San Bernardino and San Jacinto mountains. It’s location to the 10 freeway offers easy access to beaches, mountains or desert getaways.

The median Household Income in Loma Linda is over $55,000. The local medical facilities are the backbone of the economy and popular employers are the Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, and the VA Medical Center. 

The area is serviced by two school districts including the Redlands Unified School District and the Colton Joint Unified School district. There are many public schools in Loma Linda that have considerably high ranking.

Per Infospark, the median home price in Loma Linda as of October 2021 was $572,500 still providing affordable housing amid the increase of housing prices in the Inland Empire over the last year.

Zip codes in Loma Linda include 92318, 92324, 92350, 92354, 92357, 92373

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